Support for English speakers in Luxembourg


Where do you get valuable information about living in Luxembourg as an English speaker?

How do you meet other people?

Where can you find support?


This is a blog-in-progress where you will be able to find information on all kinds of groups, clubs, associations and companies that could be of help to you as an English speaker, whether you live in Luxembourg or abroad. This space will be continuously updated as the information trickles in. If you know of a website of interest, please let me know.


English media in Luxembourg

Your Living City

The newest English-speaking magazine online. Its mission is  'to inform, entertain and simplify the lives of English-speakers living in, moving to or visiting Luxembourg'.


Supporting and promoting local music in English


Online and on-paper current affairs, business and lifestyle news about Luxembourg in English

Ara City Radio

Missing that English-speaking radio? Here it is, on 103.3-105.2 or online: Luxembourg news in English and much more.

Online English edition of the most well-established newspaper in Luxembourg.


Luxembourg expat forums and blogs

InterNations Luxembourg Forum

Big Luxembourg community and very active forum


I found some very interesting articles and links about Luxembourg here.


Listing of currently 12 Luxembourg expat blogs

Justlanded Luxembourg

Quite a big community and good classifieds platform

AngloInfo Luxembourg

Excellent articles on how things work in Luxembourg (health care, schooling, income tax,...)


Groups and Clubs for foreigners in Luxembourg

Luxembourg Meet Greet Discover Group

Organized by Sabrina Deisges, this group's aim is 'to introduce every aspect of Luxembourg to our international residents'. Events, links and coffee meet ups.

Luxembourg Expat Meetup

Events with like-minded people

British Ladies Club

A social-networking club for English speaking women in and around Luxembourg 

American Women's Club of Luxembourg

English-speaking women of all nationalities welcome here too. They also have a small grocery store with American staples.


Clubs for friends of Luxembourg living abroad

Luxembourg American Cultural Society

A club to preserve the Luxembourg heritage and culture in America and nurture the ongoing relationships between the two countries. Information on Luxembourg country and culture on the website, Luxembourg museum in Wisconsin, and, if you sign up as a member you will receive well-researched articles (among other perks) also worth having as a foreigner or Luxembourger in Luxembourg.


Embassies in Luxembourg

Please find the entire list of foreign embassies here, on the website of the Ministère des Affaires Etrangères et Européennes.

Embassy of Ireland

The link points to a list of clubs of interest to all Irish in Luxembourg

Embassy of the United States Luxembourg

Many events to promote business, cultural and educational affairs between Luxembourg and the USA.

Embassy of Canada to Belgium and Luxembourg


Luxembourg Embassies abroad

Please find the entire list of Luxembourg embassies abroad here, on the website of the Ministère des Affaires Etrangères et Européennes.

Embassy of Luxembourg in Washington

Luxembourg embassy for the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Consulate of Luxembourg to Arizona

Lovely Facebook page serving as an 'Ambassador of Goodwill promoting business, cultural, educational and tourism exchange between Luxembourg and Arizona'