A fun way to memorize the new Luxembourg ministers


Wow, what a change this is for Luxembourg country!! The new Government is standing and the Ministers have been announced.

The reign of Jean-Claude Juncker as Prime Minister and the dominance of the CSV party since 1979 is over.

Whether you have lived in Luxembourg for a while or have just moved here, it is important to get to know the new people in power.

Yes, Luxembourg is small, but that comes with a major advantage: proximity to politicians, deputies and even ministers that you would probably not come close to in other countries. Luxembourg politicians have been very accessible in the past. Maybe you will bump into the new ministers during your next conference, charity dinner or shopping stroll.


Who are these new ministers? Who is behind the new faces? What areas of Government will they be responsible for?


Here is a fun way for you to memorize them fast:


Flash cards of the new ministers, their political party and areas of responsibility


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  • Rehearse: Click on ‘Review Sheet’ to start learning the new ministers’ names, political parties and areas of Government
  • Practice: Click on ‘Flip Cards’ to start naming the new ministers and their responsibilities. For every card you get right, click on the green ‘thumbs up’ button (StudyBlue remembers which cards you get right and will question you less on these during future practice runs)
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Ps: As the official titles of the new ministers become available, the flash cards will be updated.