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This website is a place where you can find help to learn Luxembourgish. There is an English book with audio and flash cards for beginners to get you started even without a teacher, there are live online Skype language classes that you can join, and there is a whole online community to answer your questions on social media. 

Liz Wenger is a certified Luxembourgish teacher, translator, founder of this website, as well as the author of the book “Learn Luxembourgish: an English Beginner’s Guide to teach yourself Luxembourgish”. She publishes free English-Luxembourgish translations on Facebook and Twitter so that you can learn a new Luxembourgish sentence every day.

In December 2015, she was nominated as one of 28 key thinkers, doers, and visionaries who are reshaping European politics and stirring change on the continent by the magazine POLITICO, alongside Viktor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary, and Margarethe Vestager, European Commissioner for Competition. Liz was the youngest nominee at 31 years of age.

Liz Wenger was born and raised in Luxembourg, and now lives in Toronto, Canada with her husband and children.


Connect with her on Linkedin or send her an email at

Liz Wenger in Toronto, Canada

The first English book to Teach Yourself Luxembourgish

The only resource you need to start learning Luxembourgish on your own, today.

Level: beginner, A1.1 and A1.2

It is the most comprehensive English guide to the Luxembourgish language on the market:

At the end of the book, you’ll be able to:

  1. Greet someone
  2. Introduce yourself and someone else
  3. Tell someone more about yourself
  4. Describe a person and a thing
  5. Talk about your job and daily routine
  6. Talk about recreational activities and make appointments
  7. Ask for something
  8. Situate yourself and ask for directions

Whether you are just starting to learn Luxembourgish or are enrolled in a course, this book provides valuable information and practice in a simple way.

Orders are shipped once a week from Luxembourg. We ship all over the world. You will get a confirmation email when your payment has gone through and when we ship the book to you. 

Learn Luxembourgish Book
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Learn Luxembourgish Book
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Luxembourgish Classes on Skype with a Teacher

There are currently four different online classes that you can sign up for:

  1. A1 basics (beginner)
  2. A1 conversation (beginner)
  3. A2.1 conversation (intermediate)
  4. A2.2 conversation (intermediate)

All classes are taught in a virtual classroom and through Skype. We offer private classes (one-to-one) or small group classes of a maximum of four people per class.

Since all classes take place online, there is no need to travel to a certain location. As long as your computer is connected to the internet and a microphone, you can participate.

The virtual classroom allows you to see material in real-time so that everyone is looking at the same thing when going over grammatical topics or writing down vocabulary. You can take your own notes during the lesson but you don't have to as you will get notes sent to you after each lesson.

A lot of effort is put into keeping lessons varied and fun with a range of different activities that will make you speak, listen, write and read. All classes are very structured and well-prepared in advance, as well as following  the guidelines of the Common European Reference Framework for Languages).

The small classes also allow you to get a lot of speaking practice so that you can make progress fast.

What have other participants said about Learn Luxembourgish Skype courses?

“This course is very helpful as it gives a good vocabulary and grammatical toolkit so as to be able to express oneself in many everyday life situations and to learn more by yourself if needed.”

“I am very satisfied with what I have learnt. It has helped me to structure, to systematize and to enrich the little knowledge I had previously collected by myself and with my colleagues.”

“Well for my part I can say that I am very happy with the course. First, I think it was a good thing to start out selfreading in your book to match us up with the right level. I think that worked pretty well. The course itself has proven to strike the right balance between items more comfortable and items more challenging. And the teacher does an excellent job correcting our errors without making us feel stupid. We appreciate very much that it is a "fast-forward" course so no time is waisted.”

“I can definately say that I have improved my luxembourgish through the course.”

“I have been very happy with the course – we have learned a lot and we have had a very good time. The teacher has done an excellent job, she is very motivated and motivating – she has been very flexible and helpful and done what she could to fulfil our needs. The way it runs you never feel like a fool, and you are never afraid of “testing the thin ice”.”

“I really like the setup with reading your book, which is easily understandable and then in small teams having a lot of conversations – that is how to learn it. In small teams you can’t hide, which is why you will always be well prepared and thus learning a lot. Skype from home (or when you are travelling) is a very efficient way of learning without wasting time driving to the class and when travelling you are also able to attend.”


Find out more about each class:

  1. A1 basics (beginner)
  2. A1 conversation (beginner)
  3. A2.1 conversation (intermediate)
  4. A2.2 conversation (intermediate)
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If you have made up your mind to learn Luxembourgish, I can help you get there.
— Liz Wenger

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