Course Levels

For complete beginners

If you don't know any Luxembourgish words yet and have no idea how to construct a Luxembourgish sentence, this class is for you. Having good foundational knowledge (vocabulary and grammar) is the first stepping stone in reaching fluency and being able to pass the Luxembourgish nationality test if that is your plan. Our courses are also perfectly tailored for people who do not necessarily want to pass the nationality test and would like to learn Luxembourgish simply for the fun of it or to better integrate into Luxembourgish society.

The class takes place online through Skype once a week for 8 weeks in a row. Each lesson is 60 minutes long.

As each lesson has its own communicative goal and topic, you’ll be able to make your own basic sentences from lesson 1.

Topics are: greeting someone, and making basic small talk; introducing yourself and someone else; telling someone more about yourself; describing a person or a thing; talking about your job and daily routine; talking about your recreational activities and making appointments; asking for something; situating yourself and asking for directions.

This class creates awareness of how the Luxembourgish language works and provides a first introduction.

For people who have completed the A1 Basics course, or taken A1 level courses in other language schools

If you have a good understanding of the grammar and conversation topics explained in the Learn Luxembourgish book, you are probably ready for the beginner conversation class.

The emphasis here is on speaking, speaking, speaking. It will allow you to put your basic knowledge into practice and start speaking about the topics of the A1 level (A1 refers to the beginner level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). You will not only be able to form your own sentences but also have short, basic conversations.

Topics include: dealing with administrations, small talk during social events, making and replying to an event invitation, talking about your likes and dislikes, leading a conversation with your doctor, talking about what you do at work and answering interview questions, talking to a real estate agent, getting to know Luxembourg and having conversations in different kinds of stores.

This class creates a deeper understanding of the Luxembourgish language as well as providing you with lots of opportunities to practise speaking.

For people who have completed the A1 Conversation course, or finished A1 level courses in other language schools

The A2.1 level refers to one level up from the beginner level (A1) according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

This is a conversation class so the focus is really on improving your spoken Luxembourgish both in terms of grammar/sentence structure and in terms of vocabulary. Throughout this class, you will become more confident and fluent in your speaking and understand written and spoken Luxembourgish better.

Topics of the conversation class include: introducing yourself, managing conversations in a restaurant/post office/bank/clothing or grocery store/train station, describing a person’s looks and character, describing where you live or want to live to a real estate agent, talking about leisure time/routine activities/past activities/health, and talking about what someone said (indirect speech). One grammar topic will also be reviewed together with the teacher during each lesson.

This class creates a lot of speaking practice and forms the basis of fluency.

For people who have completed the A2.1 Conversation course

The A2.2 Conversation course is designed to expand the range and scope of what you are able to talk about in Luxembourgish while increasing your vocabulary and deepening your grammatical knowledge.

You will become comfortable expressing yourself in the past and using more complicated sentence structures with subordinating clauses such as if, when, because, then, in order to,… You’ll also learn how to use indirect speech, the passive voice and the conditional tense. You’ll be able to express preferences and opinions on personal topics and learn to understand topics in the news.

You will also practise describing an image in each of the lessons, an exercise particularly useful if you are preparing for the Sproochentest, the language exam for Luxembourgish nationality.

Skype Course Overview

We offer small group and private one-on-one Skype courses to teach you Luxembourgish whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced learner. All of our courses use a variety of online tools to make learning fun and to make the most out of your precious time. 

We are a team of experienced, passionate Luxembourgish teachers who collaborate closely on bringing you the best possible course materials and the most engaging Skype lessons (we do not offer in-person lessons). During every lesson, your teacher will call you on Skype and you will be able to simultaneously view and interact with the lesson material. You will get voluntary homework and lesson notes, too.

In advance of every lesson, we give you preparation material to study so you can come to your Skype class ready to put your new knowledge into practice.

You can participate in our classes from anywhere (home, work, a hotel,…) as long as you have internet and a computer/tablet. 

We have specialized in Luxembourgish for English speakers, whether English is your mother language or whether it is your second or even third language. All of our material is in English.

We offer four main courses (A1 Basics, A1 Conversation, A2.1 Conversation, and A2.2 Conversation), which all include grammar (not for the sake of learning grammar, but so you can understand how the language works and use the grammatical rules as guidelines to start building your own sentences).

These four main courses have been certified by the Ministry of Education in Luxembourg for people who have lived in Luxembourg for 20+ years and want to acquire Luxembourgish nationality through 24 hours of Luxembourgish lessons. They also qualify for a refund from the Ministry of Justice in Luxembourg of up to 750€ once you have passed the Sproochentest or acquired your 24 hours of lessons for nationality. The courses are also approved for "congé linguistique" by the Ministry of Work in Luxembourg if your employer wants to get reimbursed for the courses.

In addition, we also offer a series of courses we call “Talk with a Luxembourger” (TWAL) that don’t include any grammar and are very casual conversational courses to solidify knowledge gained in the other classes or to improve fluency.

After every course, your teacher will make a note as to your progress and a recommendation for the next class to take.

Sometimes a class needs to be taken again, especially if lessons were missed, and other times we recommend one of our TWAL courses or private lessons to take in between levels. 

The vast majority of our students are able to speak Luxembourgish fast.

About 2-3 months before your Sproochentest, the language exam for Luxembourgish citizenship, we also offer a set of private lessons to practise the specific tasks of the exam. You need to have reached at least an A2.1 level already in order to take these lessons. 

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