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For the past year, we've had great success with our series of "Talk with a Luxembourger" (TWAL) classes. Each lesson is structured around a conversational topic but doesn't include any grammar. The aim is just to speak and have a teacher present to correct your mistakes.

This TWAL B1 class can be taken by anyone who is currently taking, or has previously taken an A2.2 Conversation class.

TWAL classes are an excellent way to consolidate your knowledge that you've gained in the other classes and to improve your fluency. Compared to the previous TWAL A2 class, the difficulty has increased in this TWAL B1 class, the questions allowing for more complex sentence structures in multiple tenses.

There are 10 topics:

Thema 1: An der Vergaangenheet schwätzen: Erënnerungen, Erfarungen, fréier Evenementer

Thema 2: Iwwer sozial Pläng, Evenementer, Fester a Feierdeeg schwätzen

Thema 3: Iwwer seng Wunnsituatioun schwätzen

Thema 4: An der Zukunft schwätzen: Pläng, Wënsch an Dreem

Thema 5: Iwwer d’Gesondheet schwätzen

Thema 6: Iwwer Frëndschaft a Léift schwätzen

Thema 7: Kultur: Konscht, Musek a Literatur

Thema 8: Geschlechterrollen a Gläichberechtegung vu Fraen/Männer

Thema 9: Iwwer d’Ëmwelt schwätzen

Thema 10: Iwwer Lëtzebuergesch a Sproochen zu Lëtzebuerg schwätzen

Cancellations are accepted until immediately after lesson 1, at which point we refund the course fee minus a 50€ deposit.

Course fees for the 10 lessons:

  • 500€ in total for a private one-on-one class (each lesson lasting approximately 30-45 minutes)

  • 250€/person in a two-person class (each lesson lasting approximately 45 minutes)

  • 230€/person in a three-person class (each lesson lasting approximately 45-60 minutes)

The TWAL B1 course is a purely conversational course without any grammar whatsoever. The idea is simply to speak Luxembourgish on certain topics. The teacher will ask questions to answer and will correct your mistakes as they occur. We will not use a virtual whiteboard, the lessons will take place over Skype only. During the lesson, the teacher will write down Luxembourgish words/expressions that come up into a Google Document but other than that there won’t be any lesson notes.

After you sign up, you will have access to one Quizlet flashcard set to be reviewed per lesson (so 10 sets in total). Each Quizlet set includes the Luxembourgish questions and their English translation. This way, you will be able to learn some of that topic’s vocabulary before the lesson and if you’d like you can think about what your answers will be in advance of the lesson. There is no guarantee that all of a topic’s questions will always be asked as the aim of the class is really to talk freely and naturally and have your mistakes corrected as they happen. The teacher is also there to correct your pronunciation and syntax, and make sure everyone gets an equal turn to speak in a group setting.

The objective is to make sure you're able to have the basic conversations that the A2.2 and B1 levels aim for.

The course is held in Luxembourgish (with the exception of the occasional word that might have to be translated to English). 

Please note that TWAL courses do not qualify for the 24 hours to achieve Luxembourgish nationality.

Currently, we are signing up for:

  • a three-person TWAL B1 class starting on October 11, 2019, taking place once/week for 10 weeks on Fridays at 5.45pm Luxembourg time (teacher: Ashwin)

Please get in touch if you'd like to organize a group or one-on-one TWAL A1 course and let me know what your preferred days/times for your lessons (once or twice a week) are.

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