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Learn Luxembourgish for advanced intermediate learners

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A2.2 Conversation from January 15

Class level: A2.2 Conversation
Start date: January 15, 2020
Timing: Wednesdays from 9.15pm-10.15pm Luxembourg time (evening)
Lessons of 60 minutes each
Once/week for 12 weeks
3 students max.

Teacher: Ashwin

3 spots left currently!

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The A2.2 Conversation Skype class is certified by the Ministry of Education in Luxembourg and qualifies for the 24 hours of Luxembourgish lessons needed to receive the Luxembourgish nationality if you've lived in Luxembourg for at least 20 years.

This class also qualifies for a refund of up to 750€ for Luxembourgish lessons from the Justice Ministry in Luxembourg for students who have passed the Sproochentest or received citizenship after 24 hours of lessons.

A Luxembourgish class for advanced intermediate learners

How do I know this class is for me: For people who have completed the A2.1 Conversation course, or finished A2.1 level courses in other language schools. The A2.2 level refers to one level up from the previous A2.1 level, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Throughout this class you will expand the range and scope of what you are able to talk about in Luxembourgish while increasing your vocabulary and deepening your grammatical knowledge.

You will become comfortable expressing yourself in the past and using more complicated sentence structures with subordinating clauses such as if, when, because, then, in order to,… You’ll also learn how to use indirect speech, the passive voice and the conditional tense. You’ll be able to express preferences and opinions on personal topics and learn to understand topics in the news.

You will also practise describing an image in each of the lessons, an exercise particularly useful if you are preparing for the Sproochentest, the language exam for Luxembourgish nationality.

How is the class taught: The class takes place online through Skype once a week for 12 weeks in a row. Each lesson is 60 minutes long. The class is mostly taught in Luxembourgish while the course material is in English.  After each lesson you will have access to online notes that summarize the activities of that day’s class.

How much work is involved: The preparation work for each lesson includes studying additional vocabulary and grammar pertaining to each lesson (material made available to you in advance of each lesson, there is no additional course book to purchase).  At the end of each lesson, voluntary homework will be given so that you can continue learning on your own time. 

How many people are in each class: We have several options for the number of students in each class.

  • as a group class with a total of 3 students per class, 350€/person

  • as a partner class with a total of 2 students per class (maybe you already have someone in mind to take this class with or we can look for someone to join you), 390€/person

  • as a private one-on-one class with just you and the teacher (in which case you can arrange the days and times of the lessons a bit more flexibly with the teacher), 640€

What are the topics covered in the course: presenting yourself in a succinct fashion, leading conversations at the grocery store and at the airport, talking about your shopping and eating habits, inviting someone for dinner and responding to an invitation from someone else, presenting recipes, talking about your holidays and other events in the past, expressing likes and dislikes, talking about your free time as well as social and work life in Luxembourg, giving directions, talking about your extended family, learning about the media environment in Luxembourg and understanding short news articles.

One grammar topic will also be reviewed together with the teacher during each lesson (word order, coordinating conjunctions, simple past tense, present perfect tense, personal and possessive pronouns, the impersonal pronoun “one”, the conditional tense, describing an action in progress and direct/indirect speech, among others).

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FAQ - What if you miss a lesson?

Some people are able to join the class even when traveling for work or for pleasure as all you need is an Internet connection and a computer or tablet. Sometimes people only connect on Skype through a mobile phone to listen to the class if they don't have a computer to access the virtual classroom. Our policy is that missed classes cannot be rescheduled or reimbursed.  If you’ve missed a lesson, you can ask the teacher if they can meet you 5 minutes before the next lesson to answer any questions you might have about the notes of the lesson you missed. If you require more flexibility, we recommend booking a private one-on-one course, that way, you can custom schedule your lessons with the teacher.

FAQ - How long does it take before you're ready to take the Sproochentest, the language exam to acquire Luxembourgish nationality?

All our courses are laid out in such a way so as to maximize your time in order to pass the nationality exam if that is your aim. There's four courses: A1 Basics, A1 Conversation, A2.1 Conversation and A2.2 Conversation. Most people are ready to take the exam after that, if not, we supplement with private lessons.

Based on my experience, a year to two years is a reasonable time frame to expect in order to be able to pass the nationality exam. We've seen shorter than that, and we've seen longer than that, but two years seems to be the average of time that passes between the start of studies and the passing of the language exam for Luxembourg citizenship.

After the four courses we have developed, a lot of people have achieved the A2 / B1 levels required in order to pass the nationality test. However, there's no guarantee as everyone is different. It depends on how much you'll be able to study and practise your speaking outside of the lessons, too.

FAQ - What if you change your mind and want to cancel your lessons?

There is a 70€ non-refundable deposit on this A2.2 Conversation class in order to reserve your spot. Cancellations are accepted until immediately after the first lesson.

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