A1 conversation class

If you have already studied the Learn Luxembourgish book, or if you have a good understanding of the grammar and conversation topics explained in the Learn Luxembourgish book, you are probably ready for the beginner conversation class.

The emphasis here is on speaking, speaking, speaking. It will allow you to put your basic knowledge into practice and start speaking about the topics of the A1 level (A1 refers to the beginner level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). You will not only be able to form your own sentences but also have short, basic conversations.

Topics include: dealing with administrations, small talk during social events, making and replying to an event invitation, talking about your likes and dislikes, leading a conversation with your doctor, talking about what you do at work and answering interview questions, talking to a real estate agent, getting to know Luxembourg and having conversations in different kinds of stores.

This course is taught on Skype and makes use of an interactive whiteboard in order to visualize the class material and to be able to interact in writing. Lesson notes are always provided after each class.

The class takes place once a week, 12 weeks in a row, each lesson is 50-60 minutes. There's a total of 12 lessons and between 3 and 4 students in each class.

The course material has been developed by Liz Wenger, founder of learnluxembourgish.com and author of the Learn Luxembourgish book, and is mostly taught by Liz. 

The next available spots are for classes:

- from January 25, 2018 Thursdays at 12pm Luxembourg time

- more 2018 dates to come soon

If you are not sure which class is right, get in touch and we’ll schedule a quick Skype call.


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