A2.2 intermediate Luxembourgish conversation class


The aim of the A2.2 class is for you to become comfortable expressing yourself in the past and using more complicated sentence structures with subordinating clauses such as if, when, because, then, in order to,… You’ll also learn how to use indirect speech, the passive voice and the conditional tense. You’ll be able to express preferences and opinions on personal topics and learn to understand topics in the news.

The class takes place once a week during 12 weeks. Each lesson lasts 60 minutes. The class size is limited to two to three students so that everyone gets ample opportunity to speak.


The class is taught in a virtual classroom which means that you will be able to see the material on your screen before and during the lesson and interact in writing as well as in speaking with the teacher. A few days before each class, you will get access to the virtual classroom so that you can study the vocabulary and review the grammar points as they relate to the lesson topic.

After each lesson, you will also receive course notes.

The course material has been developed by Liz Wenger, founder of learnluxembourgish.com and author of the Learn Luxembourgish book, and is mostly taught by Liz. 

The next available spots are for classes:

- in 2018: dates to come soon

If you are not sure which class is right, get in touch and we’ll schedule a quick Skype call.


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