A2.1 intermediate Luxembourgish conversation class

The A2.1 level refers to one level up from the beginner level (A1) according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

This is a conversation class so the focus is really on improving your spoken Luxembourgish both in terms of grammar/sentence structure and in terms of vocabulary. Throughout this class, you will become more confident and fluent in your speaking and understand written and spoken Luxembourgish better.

Topics of the conversation class include: introducing yourself, managing conversations in a restaurant/post office/bank/store/train station, describing a person’s looks and character, describing where you live or want to live to a real estate agent, talking about leisure time/past activities/health, and one other topic to be defined by the students. One grammar topic will also be reviewed together with the teacher during each lesson.

The class runs once a week, each lesson is 50 minutes long and there's a total of 12 lessons. There are 3-4 people in each class.

The class is taught in a virtual classroom which means that you will be able to see the material on your screen before and during the lesson and interact in writing as well as in speaking with the teacher. One day before each class, you will get access to the virtual classroom so that you can study the vocabulary and review the grammar points as they relate to the lesson topic.

After each lesson, you will also receive course notes.

The course material has been developed by Liz Wenger, founder of learnluxembourgish.com and author of the Learn Luxembourgish book, and is mostly taught by Liz. 

The next available spots are for classes:

- in 2018: dates to come soon

Here is what Irene and Kenneth, computer scientists living and working in Luxembourg, had to say about this course:

This course is absolutely brilliant. We feel there is a perfect balance between all the necessary components to learn a language. The comprehension, the spoken and the written parts are very well balanced.

The course is very well laid out with writing activities, reading, grammar and understanding. We have learned a great deal and we passed from being totally blankedwhen someone spoke luxembourgish to us to being able to interact with people, we’re certainly impressed as well as people around us. We’ve had a lot of compliments lately about how fast we’re learning.

Also, we feel that the quizlet is a wonderful tool to learn the vocabulary for each lesson!!  This tool teaches you how to write, pronounce and fix the vocabulary in a very easy, fun way. We cannot think of a better tool that can possibly achieve all these goals at once. We absolutely love it!

Our teacher, Florence is great, very nice, very fun and very knowledgeable of the language. She clarifies all of our doubts, she's patient, she always corrects us when she has to, she guides us and gives us tips. She definitely makes the course light and fun. She’s awesome.

To finish, we have to say that it never seizes to amaze us how well these courses are laid out, all the available tools at our disposal to succeed in our quest to slay the dragon that is Luxembourgish that outshines physical classes while you’re comfortably sitting at home.

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