Live Skype Private Lessons to best prepare you for your Sproochentest exam

If you've lived in Luxembourg for at least 5 years, you'll have to take the language exam, called Sproochentest (and likely fulfil a few other conditions) to acquire Luxembourgish citizenship.

We have recently also had confirmation from the Ministry of Justice that you don't need to wait until your 5 years of residency are up before taking the Sproochentest. You can take the Sproochentest anytime, and once your residency requirements have been met, you can apply for nationality with the Sproochentest passed already.

The language exam to receive Luxembourgish nationality requires the A2 level in speaking and the B1 level in listening comprehension.

The Sproochentest is composed of two parts:

  1. an oral exam consisting of

    1. small talk about topics of the A2 level, such as introducing yourself or others, describing your heritage/culture, talking about your hobbies/work, talking about the weather,…; and

    2. describing a picture.

  2. a listening exam that makes you listen to three stories in Luxembourgish to which you then have to fill out a multiple choice questionnaire.

There is no written component in the exam.

All our courses are laid out in such a way so as to maximize your time in order to pass the nationality exam. There are four main courses: A1 Basics, A1 Conversation, A2.1 Conversation and A2.2 Conversation. Most people are ready to take the exam after that, if not, we supplement with private lessons and/or TWAL classes.

The exam itself is organized by INL only, however, you can take your language lessons to learn Luxembourgish and prepare for the exam at any language school of your choice.

How long does it take to be able to pass the language exam for nationality?

Although we have seen a few exceptions of people who went from zero to passing the exam within three months, this is, not realistic for the average human being :) Based on our experience, two years is a reasonable time frame to expect in order to be able to pass the nationality exam. I've seen shorter than that, and I've seen longer than that, but two years seems to be the average of time that passes between the start of studies and the passing of the Sproochentest exam in order to receive Luxembourg citizenship. Doing it in 6-12 months is possible but requires a lot of work, discipline and practice.

If you can, give yourself at least a year before you try the exam. After all, you are learning how to speak a new language. If you've ever learned a foreign language in your school days, try to remember how fluent you were after 6 months - likely not very fluent. And it's true, now you are an adult with a better sense of work ethics, still, you also probably have a life, a job and/or a family who all compete for your attention as you're trying to learn Luxembourgish. If you can, give yourself at least a year or just be aware of the amount of work required to do it in less time.

Details of our private lessons in order to prepare the Sproochentest

About 2-3 months before your Sproochentest, we offer a set of 10 private lessons to practise the specific tasks of the exam. You need to have reached at least an A2.1 level already in order to take these lessons. 

We have an excellent track record of successfully preparing over 40 people for the nationality exam in just the last year. We frequently get feedback as to the topics and images that come up and build this back into our lessons so that we keep improving our offer.

Here is the concept that we usually do in preparation for the citizenship exam:

Around 25-30 minutes of Skype once a week, to speak casually about a recent news topic, make small talk, describe a picture or do a role play, in order to review A2/B1 topics and to cover material that tends to come up during the exam.

At the end of each course, your teacher will give you a question relating to the topic covered in that lesson, a question for you to answer in writing in 3-5 sentences before the next lesson. For example, if you were talking about a snow fall in Luxembourg, the question could be something like “what can you do to get to work safely during a snow fall?”. The purpose of this written homework is for you to take time thinking about Luxembourgish words and expressions. It will also give you time to look up unknown words in Luxembourgish and thus increase your vocabulary.

At the beginning of the following lesson, your teacher will then discuss/correct the homework with you before moving on to the discussion topic. At the end of each lesson, your teacher will also send you an email with notes from that lesson.

You can arrange the exact dates and times with your teacher.

The cost is 350€ in total for 10 lessons (to be used within 3 months) including all the prep work and notes/homework correction after each lesson. We require the full payment upfront. Cancellations are accepted only immediately after the first lesson, at which point I will transfer 300€ back to you.

Here is what Gheorghe, who passed the Sproochentest on his first attempt in July 2018, had to say about these lessons:

"Besides the A1/A2 courses which set the foundations, I would say the test preparation was a tremendous help. When you go to the exam there's really no (bad) surprises. It's topics you would have already discussed a couple of times at that point and at least one picture will be similar to one from the prep course."

Here is what Yuehao, who took the Sproochentest in September 2019, said about her lessons:

“Thank you both very much for your emails and your teaching. The topics my teacher prepared and practiced with me are very useful and they have covered all the topics i had today: Sport, Vakanz/Rees. The pictures are also similar to what we have practiced. The courses you have been giving are really helpful. Perhaps in the future i will subscribe further to some of your courses to improve my speaking fluency.”

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