June 2017: radio interview by Yascha Wecker for radio 100,7:


talking about teaching Luxembourgish in Toronto.

August 2016: book signing to celebrate the second edition of the Learn Luxembourgish Book:


December 2, 2015: POLITICO 28 nomination

Nomination as one of 28 key thinkers, doers, and visionaries who are reshaping European politics and stirring change on the continent.

Tageblatt - 02.12.2015 Announcement

Tageblatt - 03.12.2015 Interview

July 16, 2015:

Book review in the newspaper Luxemburger Wort by fellow Luxembourgish teacher and writer Jeff Baden.

June, 2015:

The Learn Luxembourgish book and language courses mentioned in the newspaper Lëtzebuerger Journal, Expats in Lux special.

June, 2015:

Review of the Learn Luxembourgish book by Anna from Dimensions of Language.

May, 2015:

Delano.lu: Give language a chance, interview by Duncan Roberts on the release of the first English book to learn Luxembourgish

April, 2015:

Interview by Discover Benelux, inflight magazine

March 28, 2015:

Telecran Magazine: article on Liz Wenger and learnluxembourgish.com:

March 24, 2015:

Ara City Radio interview by Natasha Liati-Jones on the Learn Luxembourgish Book (in English).

Article on learnluxembourgish.com by Dina Bijelic in the newspaper Tageblatt (in German):

March 16, 2015:

TV interview on RTL Live! Planet People (Liz Wenger/Monica Semedo):


March 6, 2015:

"Guest of the day" interview with Gilles Wunsch from radio 100,7: talking about the book launch and much more


February 24, 2015:

Learn Luxembourgish Book as a door opener to learn the language

by CLEW:


February 19, 2015:

Learn Luxembourgish Book Launch

by Your Living City Luxembourg:


February 4, 2015:

Review on LearnLuxembourgish.com and services offered

by Just Arrived:

in French: http://www.justarrived.lu/fr/blog/post/apprendre-le-luxembourgeois-en-s-amusant-c-est-possible


September 26, 2014:

Interview with Liz Wenger on the concept behind LearnLuxembourgish.com and the upcoming book

in the Luxembourgish newspaper Lëtzebuerger Journal

weblink: http://www.journal.lu/article/sprachluecken/


English translation

July, 2014:

Interview with Liz Wenger on Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie's Luxembourgish

on Luxarazzi

weblink: http://lux-arazzi.blogspot.ca/2014/07/stephanies-luxembourgish-what-expert.html

June, 2014:

Radio interview with Liz Wenger on her emigration to Canada

on the Luxembourgish radio station 100komma7

weblink: http://www.100komma7.lu/files/7/10/254602_ee-mount-een-thema-heemecht.mp3

English transcript

April, 2014:

Interview with Liz Wenger on the things she misses in Luxembourg


weblink: http://clew.lu/2014/04/28/luxembourgers-abroad-liz-wenger/