This website is a place where you can find the help you need to learn Luxembourgish. In the book section you can find a link to purchase the first comprehensive English book to learn Luxembourgish, with audio and flash cards for beginners to get you started even without a teacher. There are live online Skype language classes that you can join, which include an online community to answer your questions on social media in real time.

Learn Luxembourgish is a team of highly motivated student centric teachers living all over Europe, North America, and Asia, and who are interested in expanding the reach of the Luxembourgish language. Their goal is to provide a learning environment that is fun, interesting and effective.

Rote memorization can be effective for some, but the team employs many different language learning strategies, to take you from beginner to fluent in as short a time possible to get you to your goal. Whether your goal is to talk to your neighbours in Luxembourg or to pass the Luxembourg language test and get your citizenship, we will help get you there quickly.