Important details about our classes


The course material has been developed by Liz Wenger, founder of and author of the Learn Luxembourgish book, and is continuously improved and expanded with the help of all of our other teachers.

During your course, we work together closely to ensure you learn what you need to learn in order to advance your language skills.

Our courses offer far more than a simple Skype lesson. We work with a number of online services to make your learning experience fun and efficient.  All classes, independent of their level, are taught in a virtual classroom which means that you will be able to see the material on your screen before and during the lessons and interact in writing as well as in speaking with the teacher. Before each class, you will get access to the virtual classroom so that you can study the vocabulary and review the grammar points as they relate to the lesson topics.

After each lesson, you will receive course notes so that you don't have to take any notes yourself during the class.

All of our vocabulary exists in the form of online flash cards with Luxembourgish audio to study in advance of each lesson. You can use these to study on the go even if you don't have wifi.

In addition to classes with a teacher over Skype as described above, you'll also have access to a social networking group, where many more resources are published to make learning easy for you. You'll be able to chat in Luxembourgish with me and other students and ask all kinds of questions. You'll also be able to organize informal Skype chats with your fellow students to further practise.

In case of a one-to-one private course, you can custom-schedule your lessons together with your teacher. We start by figuring out one day/time per week that usually works best for you and then I'll try to find a teacher who can accommodate that schedule. If you need to cancel a lesson, we require a minimum of 24 hours of notice as a general courtesy to your teacher. If you can't make it to a lesson on the same day/time each week, we start by fixing the first lesson date and time and then you can schedule subsequent lesson times directly with your teacher.


Don't forget that our classes qualify for "congé linguistique" (Ministry of Work) in Luxembourg so that your employer may get reimbursed for the lessons.

Our four main courses (A1 Basics, A1 Conversation, A2.1 Conversation, A2.2 Conversation) are certified by the Ministry of Education in Luxembourg and qualify for the 24 hours of Luxembourgish lessons needed to receive the Luxembourgish nationality if you've lived in Luxembourg for at least 20 years.

The four main courses also qualify for a refund of up to 750€ for Luxembourgish lessons from the Justice Ministry in Luxembourg for students who have passed the Sproochentest or received Luxembourg citizenship after 24 hours of lessons (for students who have lived in Luxembourg at least 20 years).

How long does it take before you're ready to take the Sproochentest, the language exam to acquire Luxembourgish nationality?

All our courses are laid out in such a way so as to maximize your time in order to pass the nationality exam, if that is your aim. There are four main courses: A1 Basics, A1 Conversation, A2.1 Conversation, A2.2 Conversation. Most people are ready to take the exam after that, if not, we supplement with other courses or private lessons.

Based on our experience, a year to two years is a reasonable time frame to expect in order to be able to pass the nationality exam. We've seen shorter than that, and we've seen longer than that, but two years seems to be the average of time that passes between the start of studies and the passing of the exam.

After the four courses we have developed, a lot of people have achieved the A2 / B1 levels required in order to pass the nationality test. However, there's no guarantee as everyone is different. It depends on how much you'll be able to study and practise your speaking outside of the lessons, too.