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For the past year, we've had great success with our series of "Talk with a Luxembourger" (TWAL) classes. Each lesson is structured around a conversational topic but doesn't include any grammar. The aim is just to speak and have a teacher present to correct your mistakes.

This TWAL A1 class can be taken by anyone who is currently taking, or has previously taken an A1 Conversation class.

TWAL classes are an excellent way to consolidate your knowledge that you've gained in the other classes and to improve your fluency.

We have 8 topics for this TWAL A1 class: sech virstellen, iwwer d’Deeg am Joer a säi Gebuertsdag schwätzen, iwwer d’Aarbecht schwätzen, iwwer seng Fräizäit schwätzen, akafe goen, seng Famill virstellen, seng Wunneng beschreiwen, en Tour duerch d’Stad an d’Land maachen.

Cancellations are accepted until immediately after lesson 1, at which point we refund the course fee minus a 50€ deposit.

Course fees for the 8 lessons:

  • 400€ in total for a private one-on-one class (each lesson lasting approximately 30-45 minutes)

  • 200€/person in a two-person class (each lesson lasting approximately 30-45 minutes)

  • 180€/person in a three-person class (each lesson lasting around 45 minutes)

There won't be any grammar discussed during the lessons. A week before your lesson, you will be sent a paragraph in Luxembourgish (+ audio) relating to the conversational topic. The idea is for you to understand the general meaning of the Luxembourgish text, get used to common Luxembourgish sentences and develop an ear for the language.

During your lesson, you will view the lesson material on our interactive virtual whiteboard and the teacher will ask you questions relating to the conversational topic to which you will answer in Luxembourgish. There will also be a number of audio clips played during each lesson to improve your listening comprehension and give you additional ways to express yourself.

The objective is to make sure you're able to have the basic conversations that the A1 level aims for.

The course is held in Luxembourgish (with the exception of the occasional word that might have to be translated to English). 

Please note that TWAL courses do not qualify for the 24 hours to achieve Luxembourgish nationality.

Currently, we are signing up for:

  • a three-person TWAL A1 class starting on September 18, 2019, taking place once/week for 8 weeks on Wednesdays at 9.15pm Luxembourg time (teacher: Ashwin)

If this doesn’t suit you, please let me know if you'd like to organize a group or one-on-one TWAL A1 course at different days/times and what your preferred days/times for your lessons (once or twice a week) are. Email me:

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