Step into spring like a Luxembourger

Ah spring! How nice it is to hear the birds sing, to see the flowers blossom and to feel that uplifting spririt as the temperatures rise and the sun starts to come out from behind the clouds! Read on to find out how to get the most out of spring in Luxembourg and how to make your neighbours smile.


First up, gardening! You may have noticed that gardening is very popular in Luxembourg and even if you have never attempted it before, it can be a lot of fun just to have some herb pots on the balcony or to plant some salad seeds in an area no bigger than a square meter.

Ech planze Basilikum an Zalot. I’m planting basil and salad.

If you happen to be a garden aficionado but you are currently lacking a garden, you can get in touch with your local Gaart an Heem chapter to see if you can get a plot at a community garden (Schrebergaart).

If you are looking to entertain your kids for an entire afternoon, I would suggest packing a picnic and heading to the pirate-ship park in Luxembourg city (Avenue Monterey). Among the usual swings, slides and sand, there is a fascinating water feature and most importantly, a pirate ship to explore. This exact pirate ship was also featured in the recent Luxembourg edition of the Pharrell Williams “style” Happy video – watch it here.

At least once a year, every good Luxembourger goes to Remich to walk along the Moselle river on the three-kilometer-long strip known as the Esplanade. It is very picturesque and unlike most of the rest of Luxembourg, not hilly down by the water, just in case you wanted to take your roller skates or bike. For your well-deserved break, I would suggest some Foie gras (Gänseliewer) or Escargots (Schleeken) at the Hôtel de lEsplanade in Remich. Take your time getting home and explore the towns around Remich as all the villages up on the hills or down below in the valley are just so beautiful.

Lastly, Spring is a good opportunity to meet your neighbours and what better way to get to know them than over a barbeque (mir grillen = we are having a BBQ). You need:

eng Kotelett (plural: Koteletten) = a pork chop

eng Grillwurscht (plural: Grillwurschten) = grill sausage

eng Zoossiss (plural: Zoossissen) = thicker, spicier sausage

Feierstengszalot = beef salad

Speck = thick bacon strips

Spiissecher = skewers

Gromperenzalot = potato salad

Béier = beer

How will you get your neighbours to show up? Simply drop the following invitation (Aluedung) into their mailbox and you are bound to make some new friends. Enjoy!

* Come for a BBQ on Saturday, May 17  th   at 12 o’clock!

* Come for a BBQ on Saturday, May 17th at 12 o’clock!

This article originally appeared on Your Living City Luxembourg.