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Learn Luxembourgish on YouTube

We figure that you can dramatically increase your vocabulary and communication skills if you learned just two new Luxembourgish sentences a week - and we usually publish more than that but, you know, let’s leave some room for your busy lifestyle as well :-)

Lots of people have asked us to provide audio with the Luxembourgish-English sentences we publish on social media and we’re now going two steps further by providing video and by translating the same sentences in French and German, too.

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Learn Luxembourgish with Tony Robbins... and Liz

As the founder of Learn Luxembourgish Skype Courses, the first online courses made specifically for English speakers to learn Luxembourgish, I’m often asked by our students where they can find good-quality audio material with English translations to improve their listening skills. I translated an English video recording of an interview by Tony Robbins into Luxembourgish - watch it here.

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Learn Luxembourgish Book Reviews

In March 2015, the Learn Luxembourgish book was published in Luxembourg and accompanied by a sigh of relief from the English speaking community: finally an English resource to learn Luxembourgish! And not only that. It is also still the only existing book to explain Luxembourgish step by step so you don't have to go searching for the answers elsewhere, everywhere.

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The "Learn Luxembourgish" Book available online now

Finally, after two years of work, the book "Learn Luxembourgish: an English Beginner's Guide to Teach Yourself Luxembourgish" is out! 

I spent the month of March in Luxembourg to launch it and was pleased to see that there was so much interest from the English speaking community to learn Luxembourgish. Thank you to everyone who came to a book signing event, it was a pleasure meeting you!

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Overcome Your Fear of Speaking Luxembourgish in 5 Easy Steps

Every one of us can find an excuse not to learn and speak a foreign language. And it’s only natural to do so. After all, communicating in a different language takes us out of our comfort zone completely and puts us at the mercy of our native conversation partners. Yes, it can be awkward to make a mistake but we are grownups and should know how to laugh it off at this point in our lives. I have learned five foreign languages in my life and never once offended a native speaker to the point where they marched off in anger or pointed their finger at me laughing out loud.

So, what can you do to overcome your fear and start speaking today?

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How to use Facebook and Twitter to learn Luxembourgish for free

Dramatically improve your Luxembourgish by increasing your exposure to it. The more your brain hears and sees Luxembourgish, the more familiar it becomes. Language learning needs a lot of repetition and luckily nowadays, we have a lot more options to do this in a fun way.

One of those easy, fun and free ways of learning Luxembourgish is to sign up to the Learn Luxembourgish Twitter and Facebook feeds where you will get daily Luxembourgish-English vocabulary, sentences and expressions.

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Ask your Valentine out on a date... in Luxembourgish

Valentine’s day is approaching and maybe you want to take this opportunity to ask your secret crush out on a date. Maybe your crush is your long-time partner and you are planning a romantic dinner. Or maybe you haven’t gotten that secret crush yet and would like to go out in the hopes of finding him or her. Either way, I’ve got you covered with this plan.

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Start learning Luxembourgish by looking at common verbs

It can be a bit frustrating when you start learning a new language. It just seems that there is so much to learn before knowing even the basics. Where do you start? And how do you know if you’ve made any progress?

Today, we will look at a common-verb list you can find on the Infolux website

Learn how to use this list whether you're a beginner or advanced learner. 


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Try this memorization technique for verb conjugations


Do you remember verb conjugation from your school days? Reading, covering up the solution, trying to remember the correct answer, writing and re-writing endless lists of verbs... for a lot of people, this was not much fun (even though, depending on your learning preferences, this might actually have worked for you). We will try a different method here so you can see for yourself if that works for you as a primary method of learning Luxembourgish verb conjugations, or maybe just as an occasional change in your language-learning routine.

This method relies on the assumption that language is better learned when we use our imagination and emotions and not simply repeat endless lists of words. 

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Please = wann ech gelift, but what does that mean?

The phrase ‘wann ech gelift’ or ‘wann ech glift’ has even many Luxembourgers confused as to what that actually means. Sure, people use it every day to say ‘please’ but many don't know what it means word by word or where this strange phrase came from.

More about the definition and origin of this phrase. 

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