21 Luxembourgish Beginner Phrases to Help Beginners Keep the Conversation Flowing

written by Stephanie Buchler

Do you ever find yourself in a situation where you would like to practise your Luxembourgish with a native speaker, but are lost for words? 

Fear not - as with any language, you don’t need to be fluent in order to exchange a few phrases here and there. And as I’ve been told by many of our students, most Luxembourgish speakers tend to be very patient when it comes to speaking with learners. 

Here are twenty-one key phrases in Luxembourgish so you can keep the conversation flowing!

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Ech schwätzen nëmmen e bësse Lëtzebuergesch.
I only speak a little Luxembourgish.

Ech léiere Lëtzebuergesch, mee ech sinn nach Ufänger.
I am learning Luxembourgish, but I’m still a beginner.

Ech léiere säit zwee Deeg/zwou Wochen/zwee Méint/engem Joer/zwee Joer Lëtzebuergesch.
I have been learning Luxembourgish for 2 days / 2 weeks / 2 months / 1 year / 2 years.

Kéint Dir mech verbesseren, w.e.g.? Kanns du mech verbesseren, w.e.g.?
Could you (formal & informal) correct me, please?

Wat heescht ____?
What does ____ mean?

Wéi seet een ____ op Lëtzebuergesch?
How do you say ____ in Luxembourgish?

Ass dat richteg?
Is that correct?

Ass dat falsch?
Is that wrong?

Verstitt Dir? Verstees du?
Do you (formal & informal) understand?

Ech verstinn (dat) net.
I don’t understand (that).

Ech wëll mäi Lëtzebuergesch verbesseren.
I want to improve my Luxembourgish.

Ech muss Lëtzebuergesch üben.
I have to practise Luxembourgish.

Hues du Zäit mat mir ze schwätzen?
Do you have time to speak with me?

Kanns du mir hëllefen, Lëtzebuergesch ze léieren?
Can you help me learn Luxembourgish?

Geet dat, wa mir Lëtzebuergesch schwätzen?
Is it okay if we speak in Luxembourgish?

Kënnt Dir/Kanns du dat widderhuelen, w.e.g.?
Can you (formal & informal) repeat this, please?

Ech si verluer!
I’m lost!

Ech weess net, wéi een dat op Lëtzebuergesch seet.
I don’t know how you say this in Luxembourgish.

Ech hunn dat nach ni héieren.
I’ve never heard this before.

Entschëllegt, wat hutt Dir/hues du gesot?
Sorry, what did you (formal & informal) say?

Merci fir deng Hëllef.
Thank you for your help.

Ass elo alles am Botter? Lliterally: is everything in the butter now?
Ass elo alles an der Rei? Literally: is everything in the row now?
Is everything OK now?

Ech hoffen. I hope so. :)

What other Luxembourgish phrases would you like to know to keep the conversation going? Comment below!