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Learn Luxembourgish on YouTube

We figure that you can dramatically increase your vocabulary and communication skills if you learned just two new Luxembourgish sentences a week - and we usually publish more than that but, you know, let’s leave some room for your busy lifestyle as well :-)

Lots of people have asked us to provide audio with the Luxembourgish-English sentences we publish on social media and we’re now going two steps further by providing video and by translating the same sentences in French and German, too.

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7 Tips to Pass the Sproochentest

Anxious about passing the Sproochentest, the oral and listening test for Luxembourgish nationality? Here are some tips from our teachers and students!

Many students enroll in Luxembourgish courses because they want to feel more integrated in Luxembourg’s everyday life. Often, the first motivation is to eventually apply for Luxembourgish citizenship.

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