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Liz Wenger named "mover and shaker" by Are We Europe magazine

Liz Wenger is named Luxembourg’s mover and shaker in the fourth issue of the magazine Are We Europe - because “real change happens by continued engagement from those shaking things up on the ground.“

Liz was interviewed by Are We Europe’s Toon Vos on the importance of language for integration in the run-up to the European Elections in May 2019.

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7 Tips to Pass the Sproochentest

Anxious about passing the Sproochentest, the oral and listening test for Luxembourgish nationality? Here are some tips from our teachers and students!

Many students enroll in Luxembourgish courses because they want to feel more integrated in Luxembourg’s everyday life. Often, the first motivation is to eventually apply for Luxembourgish citizenship.

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Luxembourgish wedding etiquette: in between old tradition and unorthodox fun

There is a goat at the wedding bustling in between guests. By that I don’t mean the derogatory term you may have had in mind when you were thinking of that acquaintance you have trouble tolerating. I was talking about the actual ruminant animal with the white or brown fur, mischievous look and that characteristic complaining sound. 

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Luxembourg, a view from someone who left

Leaving your native country is exhilarating at first. Everything is so new that you don’t think about your old home. Once you have settled into a routine, you start to notice the differences between your old home and your new one. Three years after leaving Luxembourg for Canada, I look back on my home country with different eyes.

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Top 10 Luxembourgish animal expressions

A fun way to learn additional vocabulary, animal expressions also allow you to learn a little bit about the culture of Luxembourg. There are hundreds of animal expressions in Luxembourgish, some clearly vestiges of old farming wisdom, others colourful caricatures of animals to describe aspects of human nature. Here's my top 10.

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