From India to Luxembourg: meet Ashwini

This time on the Learn Luxembourgish blog, we're going to meet Ashwini. She was born in India and moved to Luxembourg ten years ago. Let's see what motivated her to learn Luxembourgish and what tips she might have for other students.

What brought you to Luxembourg?

A published paper in a conference got me an invite for a PhD in Luxembourg ten years ago.

What is your most and your least favourite thing to do in Luxembourg?

My most favourite thing is to LIVE here and enjoy the quality of life that Luxembourg offers. My least favourite thing is to drive in Hesperange traffic!

Why did you want to learn Luxembourgish?

Honestly, I started learning the language for the sole purpose of achieving the Nationality, however as I started learning, speaking, I received such an enthusiastic response from the people with whom I spoke, it made me feel like an achievement, and gradually it was beyond the nationality, it was more a feeling of being 'accepted'. 

How did you learn Luxembourgish?

I took formal Luxembourgish lessons at a Centre.

Which single activity/strategy made the biggest difference in your learning?

1) I took classes with Liz, her impressive teaching technique! I also interacted with her and other learners on the Learn Luxembourgish Facebook page.

2) I would like to mention the unofficial garden fence conversations with my neighbour, Carole!

Where/with whom do you speak Luxembourgish?

I try to speak Luxembourgish everywhere I can:

at my daughter's school, at the pharmacie, at the tennis court with Luxembourgish friends…

I also have random short conversations with my neighbours, and in Cactus and Delhaize; that has been so so useful. The last bilan for this year will also be in full Luxembourgish.

What's your favourite Luxembourgish website?

Honestly, I do not follow a particular one, which I should.  However my car always has ELDO radio running :-). Though I keep reading news from the CSV Diddeleng website.

Do you have any tips for other people wanting to take the Luxembourgish nationality exam?

Yes- please learn the language not just for the exam but learn the language because that is the least you owe to the country on whose benefits you thrive! Indeed you work here and pay taxes,  but in order to profit from these best services Luxembourg offers, please be a part of it and love it. 


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