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"Going to the cottage", a Canadian tradition explained by a Luxembourger

Lots of new Canadian experiences this weekend! Friends of ours invited us up to their cottage at the Georgian Bay in Ontario. "Going to the cottage" is a favourite Canadian pass time activity that has to be experienced at least once a summer.

This is when all the city dwellers and suburb creatures drive North from anywhere between one hour and 2 days to spend the weekend or in some cases two months during the school summer holidays in a wooden cabin somewhere in the middle of nowhere and usually right next to

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Ask your Valentine out on a date... in Luxembourgish

Valentine’s day is approaching and maybe you want to take this opportunity to ask your secret crush out on a date. Maybe your crush is your long-time partner and you are planning a romantic dinner. Or maybe you haven’t gotten that secret crush yet and would like to go out in the hopes of finding him or her. Either way, I’ve got you covered with this plan.

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