Learn Luxembourgish on YouTube

We listen to what our students tell us they need in order to improve their Luxembourgish and try our best to make it happen.

Since 2013, we’ve published Luxembourgish-English translations of useful everyday sentences on Facebook and Twitter and we started doing the same on Linkedin this year as well.

We figure that you can dramatically increase your vocabulary and communication skills if you learned just two new Luxembourgish sentences a week - and we usually publish more than that but, you know, let’s leave some room for your busy lifestyle as well :-)

Lots of people have asked us to provide audio with the Luxembourgish-English sentences we publish on social media and we’re now going two steps further by providing video and by translating the same sentences in French and German, too.

Luxembourgish is a multilingual country and even though you don’t have to speak all the official languages to live there, it sure helps to make sense of the world around you and it allows you to connect to the place you live in at a much deeper level.

Over the past months, we’ve made several videos to help you Learn Luxembourgish on YouTube and teach yourself Luxembourgish sentences including audio, and many more videos are to come.

If you don’t want to miss the new videos we’ll publish, please subscribe to our channel on YouTube.

Let us know in the comments what other English, German or French sentences you’d like to see translated into Luxembourgish!

Push yourself to learn more Luxembourgish by joining a Skype course: http://learnluxembourgish.com/overview One sentence in 4 languages! Hatt geet ni ouni e gutt Buch an d'Bett. She never goes to bed without a good book. Sie geht nie ohne ein gutes Buch zu Bett. Elle ne se couche jamais sans un bon livre.