Sharing household chores... dialogue in Luxembourgish

Sharing chores in a household is never an easy task. There is always so much to do and the job really never ends. And isn’t it true, that everyone always thinks they’re doing more than their partner? 

Well, I can’t help you with that :)

However, I can help you learn some basic Luxembourgish vocabulary around doing household chores.

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Luxembourgish Text:

Kanns du mir beim Botzen hëllefen?

O nee, net schonn erëm!

Ma dach! Du hues de Knascht gehollef maachen, da kanns du och hëllefen en ewech ze maachen!

Da jee alt, wat soll ech maachen?

Kanns du fir d’éischt d’Fënster botzen, dann de Buedem wäschen, dono d’Wäsch maachen? 

Dat ass awer vill! Wat bleift dann nach fir dech iwwereg?

Ma ech stëbsen a staubsaugen, strecken, maachen d’Spull, raumen d’Stuff, méinen de Wuess a botzen d’Garage. Wëlls de mat mer tauschen?

Nee, et ass gutt, ech maache mäint.

English translation:

Can you help me clean?

Oh no, not again!

Well, yes! You helped make the dirt, then you can also help to clean it up.

Alright then, what should I do?

Can you first clean the windows, then wash the floor, afterwards do the laundry?

But that’s a lot! What is then left for you to do?

Well, I’m dusting, vacuuming, ironing, cleaning the dishes, tidying the living room, cutting the grass and cleaning the garage. Do you want to trade with me?

No, that’s alright, I’ll do mine.

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