The "Learn Luxembourgish" Book available online now

Finally, after two years of work, the book "Learn Luxembourgish: an English Beginner's Guide to Teach Yourself Luxembourgish" is out! 

I spent the month of March in Luxembourg to launch it and was pleased to see that there was so much interest from the English speaking community to learn Luxembourgish. Thank you to everyone who came to a book signing event, it was a pleasure meeting you!

The book also received great press coverage, read more here.

Language is learned by having fun. The "Learn Luxembourgish" book is all about making sure your interest and curiosity for learning Luxembourgish are maintained through easy-to-read instructions, step-by-step guides, fun activities and practice. 

No more buying a dictionary, course book, grammar book, phrase book, verb book and audio cd and then trying to put the puzzle pieces together by yourself. I have done the compiling work for you and I only give you the information you need at specific times so you can master the objective at hand and nothing more. No endless lists of verbs to memorize, no phrases you will never use, no dry grammar that doesn’t help you order that coffee. This is the only book you need to get the basics of Luxembourgish.

It's not too late to get your copy of the "Learn Luxembourgish" book. Click here to read more about it and/or buy it online. You can pay with all major credit cards and have the book shipped anywhere in the world.