Online games to learn Luxembourgish

Artwork by Harini Kannan

Artwork by Harini Kannan

I'm a big proponent of fun and diversity when it comes to language learning; we need to "change it up" to stay motivated. There are times when you can just listen to your target language, there are other times when you need to sit down and read, or gather all your courage and speak. Today is a time to play games.

It doesn't matter whether you're currently taking classes or whether you've taken language learning into your own hands; the platforms I'm talking about will provide you with useful practice in both instances. 

First, a fellow Luxembourgish teacher named Joëlle Schwinnen has developed free online interactive games you can play at a beginner level. She has put together three lessons based on the books "Lëtzebuergesch fir all Dag", "Alles an der Rei" and "Wat gelift", but it is not necessary to have these books to benefit from the lessons.

On her platform, you can learn Luxembourgish numbers, basic verbs, adjectives, professions and colours. In addition, you will find out about the Luxembourgish names for common streets in Luxembourg City and learn other facts about the geography of Luxembourg. You can also learn the gender of some nouns and practise matching them with their proper article. There's more; just click here

Then, there is the recently released iPhone App named BattaKlang that can act as a handy tool to learn 1.000 Luxembourgish words.

Finally, I've created a fun game myself that you can play. It will teach you useful phrases to arrange a meeting with someone. It's free and painless, just click here.