Pappendag - Father’s Day in Luxembourg

On the first Sunday in October, Luxembourg celebrates Father’s Day. In 2015, the date falls on October 4th. Fathers receive a small present from their children, usually something they made at school, and a present from their wives (this could be flowers or a new tool, perhaps). Sometimes children also learn a Father’s Day song at school, which they then sing to their dads.

I’m not sure who exactly “invented” Father’s Day but the idea of a day to honour our fathers seems to have emerged at around the same time in many different parts of the world, namely at around the turn of the twentieth century.

In Germany, the idea emerged in Berlin and is since celebrated on Ascension Day when the men enjoy themselves by packing some alcohol into a wagon and walk around their town all day.

In the US, the idea was brought up by a certain Mrs. Dodd who wanted to honour her father, a veteran of the Civil War and widower who raised six children and a newborn on a farm in Washington.

If you want to do something special for Father’s Day this year, sign up to the Marche gourmande Pappendag taking place in Larochette. This is a 12 kilometre-walk interrupted five times, each time for a different meal experience. Registration has to take place by the end of September. Look here for more information.


Help a wife in need (me) and reveal (in Luxembourgish, why not?) which Father's Day gift you would like to receive this year:

Fir Pappendag wënschen ech mir ... (e Buerer, eng Festplack, e Ferrari...).

For Father's Day, I'd like (lit. wish)... (a drill, a hard drive, a Ferrari...).