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My favourite Kleeschen song

I have never really been one for singing songs until my son was born two and a half years ago. There is nothing more soothing to a crying baby than a song sung by mom and dad (well, a song, and a swaddle, and gently rocking, and a soother, and all the other things you'll try in desperation... ok, you got me).

Nonetheless, I found myself running out of songs I could sing from start to finish pretty fast. So here's to building a repertoire of Luxembourgish songs on the eve of Saint Nicolas day!

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Luxembourgish culture: Who is Dicks?

Dicks, Luxembourgish writer, poet, lawyer, Prime Minister. He is credited with the writing and producing of the first theater play in the Luxembourgish language, then known as the ‘Luxembourger German dialect’. 

Some of the songs that Dicks composed for his plays, are still known and sung today. One example is the song called ‘Ech sinn e groussen Hexemeeschter’ from the operetta ‘D’Mumm Séis oder De Geescht’. Lyrics and English translation to be found here.

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